Firepit Viet Nam
Firepit Viet Nam

Cast iron fire pit 140cm in diameter



Colour: Rust

Material: Cast iron, no seam welds or joins


Bowl: 140cm x 140cm x 46cm. (Weight: 110kg +-5kg)

Thickness: Bowl 6 to 7 mm and bottom 10 mm

Base, stand, grills and accessories: According to your requirement.

Drainage Hole: depend on your requirement

Price (FOB HPH):

Min order 20 units, price depend on the quantity of each order and extra requirement of this fire pit.

This bowl we only have small quantity in stock so please contact us directly for details by whatsapp: (+84) 868 15 68 66


Why Cast Iron ?

✔ Strong & Sturdy - Our Cast Iron fire pits are thick in all the right spots and will not burn or rust through like cheaper steel fire pits.

✔ Longevity - Cast Iron has better corrosion resistance than steel.

✔ No Welds No Seams = No weak spots! Not being pressed or welded means our fire pits have no weak points or welds which can easily rust and crack with exposure to high temperatures and moisture.

✔ Lasts a Lifetime - The thicker and the heavier your fire pit bowl is, the longer it will last. Our fire pits have thicknesses from 3mm upto 8mm according to the size and your requirement  to ensure they will stand the test of time.

We are here for you anytime:

(+84) 868 15 68 66

Fire pit Viet Nam

Fire Pit viet Nam offers the wide range of Cast iron Fire Pits, Cast Iron Grills, Accessories and Cast iron garden to the market.

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